Kiddo Sincere & Nick Bazzano
How has Pure Immanence played a role in your local community and music scene?

Pure Immanence is the name of our conceptual collaborative DJ project, as well as our mid-week residency at Bossa Nova Civic Club, where we have been hosting a version of this gathering every month since 2015. Making good on Bossa's identification as a "Civic Club," we sincerely consider our night to be a sort of sonic public service: always free of charge (and all the other bullshit), we work to warp Wednesday nights into something less "work-week" and something more adventurous and capacious, providing our tightly-knit community of dancers, DJs, night laborers, freaks and qomrades with an intimate, casual, and conceptually open space to co-vibe and experiment with the potentialities of sound, affect, and embodied co-presence. We are careful to carry this ethico-aesthetic comportment with us whenever we're invited to collaborate with other performers, parties, and collectives, which we love to do!

What can we see, hear and experience at your parties?

We take our name, ethos, and conceptual framework from the iconic b2b that was the collaborative philosophical work of Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari. In his final work, a short essay about "life" written 2 years after the death of Guattari and just before his own, Deleuze describes "pure immanence" as a vital, relational, collaborative, and communal plane of emergence on which we can embody, experiment with, and navigate radically multiple potentialities of life and becoming that may seem to have been foreclosed by the affective weight of our deeply precarious, hyper-normativizing, and ceaselessly totalizing present. The catch is that this radical and queer potentiality to become-otherwise-together is and has always-already been inside of all of us, virtually embodied yet materially dormant, waiting to be activated and expressed by our literal coming together to do the damn thing. With this concept in mind, our performances and parties seek to activate a plane of consistency among various styles and genres of music that are intended to be used as tools for performatively stretching our collective senses of the feelable and the possible. We always seek to affirm this community-minded aesthetic sincerity and politically psychedelic experimentality in the DJs and dancers we host. This being said, it'd be a bit counterintuitive for us to tell anyone what they should play or what they might hear as part of this journey, other than the sincere and sometimes surprising resonances of a community that forces itself to constantly affirm through collective practice its own potential for surviving and thriving.

Tell us some DJs / artists you’re digging at the moment?

Right now we're digging any and all DJs and artists who have mobilized their platforms to actively support the redistribution of wealth, resources, and knowledge in twinned solidarity with pandemic precarity and the subsequent Black and Trans Lives Matter protests and demonstrations. Also, as much as we love a good live-stream, we're really digging DJs, artists, and collectives who are pushing at the boundaries of the expected when it comes to streaming content, showing us something other than co-synchronous footage of the inside of DJs' apartments. Ultimately, despite good intentions, this visual format tends to reduplicate the walled-in non-vista of the most frustratingly-ubiquitous aspects of quarantine life: enclosure and immobility. Basically, we've had it with complacency and we've seen enough bedrooms. DJs, let's not settle for this minimal transport. Paraphrasing queer theorist José Muñoz, let's use our art as radical queer praxis in service of dreaming and enacting new and better pleasures, other ways of being in the world, and ultimately new worlds in the here-and-now.

What do you think will become of the music industry & the underground music scene post-pandemic?

It's tough to say what will become of the music industry and the underground music scene post-pandemic without inadvertently applying to it an image of what we think the future feels like it could hold based on our current collective experience of being profoundly halted by the impassess of the present. Prescribing or transposing any nostalgic or aspirational image of thought onto this future scenario would ultimately be irresponsible, doing nothing but foreclosing the future's radical potentiality to take on a currently-unanticipatable immanent form. This unanticipatable yet emergent future is exactly what we need to be transported beyond the shadow of such an incredibly complex and constantly modulating network of biopolitical complicities and psychic affordances. What we can hope for is that while we work together to figure this out, we presently and urgently focus on mutually supporting and amplifying each other, redistributing our collective resources of all types, and continuing to affirm the impact that music and art have on our collective flourishing.

July 2020

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