Berlin, Germany

How has Herrensauna played a role in your local community and music scene?

In our opinion actions speak louder than words and we have always worked on creating an inclusive and progressive space during the clubnights which is reflected in our lineups as well.

Musically speaking we still consciously present a counter balance to what else is out there or has developed as a trend in the last couple of years. Our lineups are bold and recently have embraced warmer and trippier sounds outside of the techno spectrum, thanks to our second floor, the +4 Bar.

What can we see, hear and experience at your parties?

One of our main principles is not to dictate how to experience our party. The freedom to do whatever you like, based on consent, trust and empathy, is our highest priority. This implies a sense of responsibility and compassion we expect from all our guests, team members and artists alike.

Rather than reducing the experience to a mere hedonistic escapist approach we would like to invite our guests to embrace the beauty that already lies within themselves. Like a journey to a place where you already are.

Tell us some DJs/artists you're digging at the moment?

Recently we've grown very fond of Salome, an upcoming Berlin based DJ and producer from Georgia. We also started to work closely with visual artist, DJ and producer Mauro Ventura known as DJ Saliva, who created the artwork for the first release of our upcoming label featuring tracks by Cadency, Aasthma, Historical Repeater (Ctrls & Solid Blake) and Sugar.

What do you think will become of the music industry & the underground music scene post-pandemic?

We have grown tired of big institutions in Berlin that still enforce an elitist and exclusive behaviour. Now during this current break it is crucial that we all work from a common ground towards a more vital and unified local scene. A renaissance of the underground so to speak.

June 2020

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