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Romullo Lima (DJ Hermano) - Founder
How has Íntimas played a role in your local community and music scene?

Íntimas started as a party, which at the time I made to celebrate the birthday of two groups of friends in common and also because I was in the mood to make my first party out of a club context and in a less appropriate place. Since the first edition, the project has been creating direction. It is a smaller event - just good DJs playing, people having fun - we never post the address, so it's kind of a secret party. My idea with the intimate party is to strengthen our community, get out of the comfort zone and propose a visual and sound experience.

Each Íntimas is a new experience. The line-up changes, the location changes and so does the audience. If it weren't for the friends who are always giving the best energy, be it on the dance floor or in the production of the parties, I'm sure that Íntimas would have another name or even I would have stopped doing it. At our party, the performance, the national or international dj, the person who's dancing... they all have the same value. We're all the same.

What can we see, hear and experience at your parties?

An experience of visuals and sounds that advocates all kinds of electronic sounds in unconventional spaces. The party arises from the need to create a dialogue from the Queer community and generate an exchange of experiences in safe places. Always exploring the emancipation of the individual, of expressing oneself and being oneself.

More than a collective, Íntimas is the meeting of friends generating an atmosphere of union and harmony made up of different protagonists found in the Bogota night. The experiences lived within the meetings have been notorious for the freedom and naturalness with which it develops. Íntimas has set up parties in places as unalike as: an antique shop, a sex club and a typical Colombian neighbourhood shop. As much as it’s an experience within the queer movement, it does not force its attendants to have a unique type of thought. This invites anyone regardless of their sexual identity and preferences, always promoting the safety of the community and the individual.

Tell us some DJs / artists you’re digging at the moment?

I think every day I'm discovering new things for myself, which are actually old. I love '80s and '90s music. I think in this crazy period of quarantine, I've never listened to so much music. It's the only way to travel at this time. There's a Persian artist, called TootArds, who I'm loving. I also like a lot of the edits and what the boys at Sounds Metaphors (Castro & Nemo) release with their stamps.

Moonlight - TootArds

What do you think will become of the music industry & the underground music scene post-pandemic?

Answering that question is very crazy, because for a few minutes I feel a little bipolar. In a few moments I think everything will be overcome, obviously here in Colombia you can already see that some places will not open again. But I also think that everything is cycles, some longer than others. I hope we'll survive somehow and resist. I'm sure new places will appear, the parties will come back. But in the meantime, the dance can't stop.

July 2020




Special thanks to:

Felipe Parraga - for collaborating with visuals and music. (2nd release of Íntimas)

K Nicole / Surfer Rosa -  / good friend and a person I'm always sharing ideas and plans that I want to make.

Thea Erickson -  Styling and taking care of the djs look and the art direction of the events. The best person to have on a dance floor.

Sergio Escobar - She is the one in charge of the image, the criticism and the review of what is intimate. the good and the bad comes out of her words. it is too important to have a critical sense in any project

Jerren Ronald - is a friend  with whom all this idea was born, for and with him I could make the first intimate and have as inspiration to be able to develop this project. Even though we do not live in the same city, I always share with him every step of intimacy.

Honey Vergony - performer and the face of intimas. She’s the queen!

Gabriezzo - ethereal and magical. Performance and have been building good shows for the parties.

& to all the dancers and supporters - all the people who support, go to the parties, share information and make intimacy not a collective, but a meeting of "amigas íntimas".

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