Pittsburgh, PA

Aaron Clark (co-founder), Clark Price (co-founder), George d'Adhemar
How has Honcho played a role in your local community and music scene?

Since 2012, we've created a monthly outlet for queer people to dance, perform, and express themselves at our party, as well as being a part of the larger Hot Mass community. Hot Mass is weekly, and we work closely with the other resident crews (DETOUR, Humanaut, gFx, and Cold Cuts) to foster a sense of community in Pittsburgh’s dance scene. A big part of that comes from showcasing younger local & regional talent on the same pedestal as a larger headlining DJ that would come through.

What can we see, hear and experience at your parties?

Well, in the before times, you could expect heavy crowd energy levels, an extremely sweaty small room, and a great sound system. Crowds are musically adventurous and give constant vocal feedback. The crowd was also always changing. Even though Hot Mass is tiny, there were new faces on a weekly basis mixing with the regular core crowd, which gave it a special energy.

Tell us some DJs / artists you’re digging at the moment?

Clark Price - Peach has been a favorite mine for a while now. Lakuti and Tama Sumo are also really inspiring as well. They’re really amazing people and DJs.

George d'Adhemar - Loving new stuff from Kush Jones (Future Times), Nikki Nair (Muy Muy Limited), and Shawn Rudiman’s latest LP (In The Machine Age) amongst others. For a proper escape, I’ve been turning to mixes from Ron like Hell, Ceri, and Tama & Lakuti.

Aaron Clark - My listening habits have shifted quite a bit through all of this, reaching towards dub and ambient stuff frequently. My favorite album I’ve heard during the pandemic is the ambient “Northwest Passage” by Merrin Karras. Sounds like a one-way trip out of our solar system. Some favorite mixes: Takuya Nakamura’s set for The Lot Radio...a wild ride from jazz to techno, and it’s super weird, cohesive, and positive vibes: Tabasheer’s DIESELcast and Joey Anderson’s USBmix-4.

What do you think will become of the music industry & the underground music scene post-pandemic?

In the US, this is all going to restart small, with just our core local crowds and artists.


Hot Mass is streaming weekly on Twitch, every Thursday at 7pm eastern. twitch.tv/hotmasspgh

November 2020

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