Luz Angelica Fernandez & Ting Ding
How has HECHA / 做 played a role in your local community, in fashion music and art scene?

Our intent is to blur categorical boundaries by experimenting across mediums and working transparently to create conversational platforms for human connection, collaboration, and communal support.

Our events have been about creating possibilities and a warm space that is giving and open. We want to bring people together, while sharing our process as a brand. Working with our local music community, we give our collaborators agency over their own representation and a space to fill with context. 

We also run Make Techno Black Again (MTBA), a project of reinstatement which celebrates and draws attention to the origins of techno in cities like Detroit and the Black working class experience.

What does HECHA / 做 stand for?

HECHA / 做 is all about context and care. The word HECHA is the feminine form of “made” or “created” in Spanish, while 做 is the Chinese character of “to make,” or “to produce.” HECHA / 做 is a literal representation of both of us and the first languages each of us learned to speak; tying us to our origins and cultural backgrounds. We feel that the name gives further context to who we are and where the product comes from.

Tell us some artists you’re digging at the moment?
What do you think will become of the underground music and art scene post-pandemic?

The format will shift and is already in the process of localizing and transitioning into more outdoor events. The hope is to start building out systems of trust as we take accountability as individuals and start building from bottom up.

July 2020

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