Rj Glasgow (Lsdxoxo)
How has Floorgasm played a role in your local community and music scene?

Just being - Black, POC, Femme, Queer, Trans from every level of our team and the lineups we curate and our friends and their friends that come, we are radicalizing our community. Techno may have black roots, but in Berlin the city most people credit as the birthplace (actually Detroit), it is still dominated by cis white men. Our being, our success and the protection of ours and our community's joy is a political statement whether we intend for it to be or not. That said, Floorgasm is a political statement, we exist, we rave and we fuck the system.

What can we see, hear and experience at your parties?

FREAKAZOIDS TO THE FRONT. From the beginning our team and our fam turned looks, and in our 3rd edition in Berlin at Trauma Bar und Kino, it was clear the partygoers got the memo, serving everything otherworldly from future cyborg cunt killer cuteness, nude organza diamante supermodel stunning, goth granny call-me-daddy raver, everything. We're also true cinefiles, so you can always expect a good film at the kino that goes well with any combination of substances you may enjoy throughout the night. We want you to feel immersed in the fantasy we're giving that night, so our interior styling is a place where we invest time and thinking, always dabbling in some floral installation with an additional custom piece like the hand-made anal bead blossoms we once designed.Throughout the party there is a base level tone which is - RAMBUNCTIOUS. Our party totes the line of having too much fun too see straight vs still looking fab 15hrs in. Floorgasm is thrown by a group of people who consider themselves family, so when you come to our party it may have the production value of a well funded circus but the vibe of a well-fed hysterical family reunion. People are shouting, gyrating, stomping, swinging, sucking and dancing in a swampy sweaty fleshy mess and that's how we like it.

Tell us some DJs / artists you’re digging at the moment?

Floorgasm‘s purpose has always been to shine a light on the Black/POC and Queer producers and DJs from our member‘s respective scenes. These people are the driving force in what has been and what is to come in regards to dance music. That being said, we’ve come across a few artists lately that have us itching for a return to the dancefloor.


DJ Hyperdrive from Cologne, now living in Berlin, is quite new to the music and nightlife scene here, but is already shaking many a table. If you like fast, hard, throbbing techno, I‘d firmly suggest checking him out.


Ren G is another young DJ that’s been absolutely killing lately. I randomly saw her play an all-Vinyl set almost a year back at Nowadays in NYC, and my poor bones still haven’t recovered. Apparently, her works been paying off, as we‘ve since heard her name dropped by DJs and listeners alike from coast to coast.

What do you think will become of the music industry & the underground music scene post-pandemic?

While the future of music and nightlife seems rather bleak at the moment, we have hope for what may come next. Creatives are really struggling through these times, but more space is being carved out for the members of our community that view making art as a necessity, and not a pastime. The current state of the music industry is in need of a huge overhaul, it is not enough to continue with these small superficial changes, so we are looking forward to the change to come if everyone, especially our non-black friends, take on these and other issues as their own.

June 2020

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