Eternal Dragonz

How has Eternal Dragonz played a role in your local community and music/art scene?

We’re letting people know that a community exists for them, especially in industries and scenes which prefer to leave them out.

What can we see, hear and experience at one of your events?

Songs that’ll make you cry, sweat, and transcend in the club.

Tell us some DJs / artists / performers you're digging at the moment?

(from Tzekin/Justin Tam): MANIIK, Park Jihaevery mix by 2SHIN, all the work being done by our friends Eastern Margins over in the UK.

(from Andrew3M/Andrew Hong): Reinabe, ONY, Nammy Wams, Golin

What do you think will become of the nightlife industry & underground music & art scenes post-pandemic?

What we know as "the scene" needs to become a community of support – less interested in its own voice and image, more involved in fighting for repressed, silenced, murdered people. Asians are not the main victims here.

This pandemic has made all of us realize how much we all took music and nightlife for granted…so we also hope there will be a greater appreciation and respect for everyone behind the scenes.

Eternal Dragonz
June 2020

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