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Babes Trust and Horrorchata
How has Bushwig played a role in your local community and drag scene?

I think Bushwig as a singular event at this point has turned into a kind of holiday people look forward to, for one thing.  When the festival happens, everyone greets each other by saying "Happy Bushwig!" It's like queer Christmas!  There's so much else it provides throughout the year, and in many ways it influences our world - but in some way that kind of summarizes what I would say Bushwig has done for the community.  Our event has kind of created its own culture around it that I think and hope people experience as both a celebration and a reason to feel empowered to be whoever they want to be in whatever alien dragy iconic way they can dream up.

What can we see, hear and experience at your events?

Well for starters, of course, you see lots and lots of DRAG!  Not only the performers, but the audience often shows up in sickening looks that continue to inspire and amaze me every year. Other than straight up awesome spectacles, you can just look around and see and FEEL people's energy and the love for each other, for drag,  performance, and music - just finally getting to be all together and express ourselves!  And of course you can hear an incredible lineup of DJ's, and live music for people to dance their hearts out.

Tell us some DJs / artists / performers you’re digging at the moment?

Right now the DJs I'm obsessed with are Lauren Flax, Boston Cherry, Elosi and of course Amber Valentine. As for artists - Tami T, which played the second ever Bushwig, local Brooklyn artists Dezi 5 and Macy Rodman too. Some queens to look out for are Serena Tea (Miss Bushwig 2019) West Dakota, Magenta, Juku , Miz Jade, Jette Grey, the Dragon Sisters and many more!!

What do you think will become of the performance / music industry & the drag scene post-pandemic?

There are a lot of digital shows at the moment and I think that's going to happen for a while, possibly more outdoor events. At the moment we are working on some social distancing park picnic drag shows, and we're definitely learning a lot right now.  Look out for more details about the park drag shows happening in August and September.

July 2020

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