Stevie Huynh, Nicholas Andersen, Pedro Vidallon, Paul Tran, Karlo Bueno Bello [Bichon]
How has Bubble_T played a role in your local community and music scene?

Bubble_T is an Asian/Pacific/Queer collective focused on supporting and lifting the community we share.

In our third year, it's beautiful to remember that the first Bubble_T was sort of an impromptu check-in, calling out to friends and meeting up post election, it was really needed at the time. We’ve grown into a large chosen family, focused on supporting and growing together, and keep checking in with each other.

A community of collaborative and creative minds continuing the conversation around Asian visibility, diversity, inclusivity, and love.

What can we see, hear and experience at your parties?

Grounding and connecting through bliss and movement and sweat. It’s always a space where we don’t have to explain ourselves, where no translation is needed. You’ll hear cantopop, Bay Area r&b, dance pop and if you’re lucky, live Guzheng.

Tell us some DJs / artists you’re digging at the moment?
What do you think will become of the music industry & the underground music scene post-pandemic?

Post pandemic, spaces for our community to gather will become even more necessary, more intentional. We will always find ways to connect with our chosen family, to protest and resist.  Given the time apart from our chosen family we want to treat every night like the gift it is for us.

July 2020

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